I listened to a really intriguing podcast from a guy called Steve Basilone. It was called; Terribly Funny with Steve Basilone. It is a podcast where Steve talks to funny people about genuinely terrible things that have happened to them in their lives. With the premise of the podcast being dark and very personable to the guest and to Steve himself, I was a bit weary about what the next hour would consist of.

Steve sat down with Lauren Morelli, part of the writing team at  Orange is the New Black and notably now Steves ex-wife. The couple divorced when Morelli, at the age of 30, found out that she way gay. Whilst the podcast dives head first into some truly heartbreaking stories; the death of Morellis father, the end of their marriage and the baggage that comes with that, it really gave us a fantastic insight into how fabulous and inspiring Morelli’s and Basilone relationship is. They care a lot about each other, known each other for years, been with each other through some absolutely awful times and they can still sit down and talk so candidly about their failed marriage. It is truly inspiring. I can say they are better people than I am. I too bitter and stubborn to have a relationship with an ex like they do. It is sad to say, but at least I know.

Through the power of Facebook and committed stalking (online… i’m not that type of girl), I found out that my ex had got engaged. We haven’t been together for about 4 years now, but it hit something… I don’t know what because I never wanted that ring. I think the thing for me was that I never gave him what he deserved… I didn’t give him support or be the other half in a relationship that was probably needed. I didn’t want to be. I wanted the drugs and alcohol and to party in a field for 3 days with no need to ring or touch base with someone (my mother did try trust me!). I finally feel happy for him… no longer, avoiding him or avoiding the feelings that came with it. And I suppose listening to Morelli and Basilone talk the way they did about life with each other and after each other, really touched base with me…. I am happy for him.

You can find Steve Basilone’s podcast with Lauren Morelli by following the link below. I highly recommend this! Worth a listen.


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